Sports Injuries Cartilage Pathology and Orthobiologics

Head of Department: Tsoukas Dimitrios
Consultant: Simos Christos
Consultant: Vasileiadis Ioannis
Consultant: Vissarakis Georgios

Upper Limb Surgery and Reconstructive Microsurgery

Head of Department: Sourras Nikolaos

Minimally Invasive and Advanced Surgery for Hip and Knee Arthritis

Children Orthopaedics and Spinal Pathology

Head of Department: Likissas Marios

Plastic Surgery

Head of Department: Zolotas Konstantinos

Reconstructive Surgery
Major Joints

Head of Department: Klonaris Miltiadis
Consultant: Tsevdos Konstantine

Neurosurgery and Adult Spinal Pathology

Head of Department: Kehagias Evagelos

Anesthetic and Chronic Pain Management

Head of Department: Dimou Triantafilia

Interventional Radiology

Head of Department: Filippiadis Dimitrios

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